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Lab-grown diamonds are an iconic alternative and a
totally modern way to wear jewelry that radiates
elegance everywhere you go. Moreover, they are
the height of innovation.


What is a lab-grown diamond?

Lab Grown Diamond
As their name suggests, lab-grown diamonds are diamonds created in a laboratory, as opposed to mineral diamonds, which are formed by nature. However, lab-grown diamonds are equally as desirable and beautiful as mined diamonds.

The idea of creating diamonds in a lab might be a little confusing. But to put it simply, lab-grown diamonds are created by imitating the natural process that creates diamonds in an artificially controlled environment – you can find out more about it below.

There are many reasons why laboratory-grown diamonds are an even better alternative than mined ones. That’s because, in addition to their outstanding beauty, they are also so much more ethical and sustainable than their equivalents from the earth.

Why choose Lab grown?

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Lab-grown diamonds are a good option for your budget because they cost between 40% to 60% less than mined diamonds with the same appearance.
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Quality & Beauty
Even a trained eye cannot distinguish between lab-grown diamonds and mined diamonds. Same beauty, quality and optical properties as a mined diamond.
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Naturally Sourced
Man-made diamonds are an alternative to mined diamonds that are created in laboratories rather than extracted from the earth. They’re more eco-friendly and ethical. 

How lab-created diamonds are made

Lab-grown diamonds are typically produced using one of two main processes: High Pressure and High Temperature (HPHT) & Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD).

The earth's mantle, where mind diamonds are formed, is simulated in the HPHT, or High Pressure and High Temperature, process. The second method, Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), uses superheated gas to excite a tiny crystal "seed" and grow it into a diamond.

Are lab-grown diamonds real?

Yes, lab-grown diamonds are 100% real. False diamonds were historically made of glass. Compared to a well-cut diamond, glass is far less brilliant and far less durable. Diamonds produced in a laboratory do not have these issues. They have the same durability and brilliance as mineral diamonds.

The only difference between them and the mined ones is their formation; so. They are so real that they have the same thermal and electrical conductivity as mineral diamonds – which means they will pass the diamond test.


Grade of Lab-Created Diamonds

Certified gemological institutes grade lab-grown diamonds using the same four Cs that are used to grade naturally mined diamonds. In other words, a diamond certificate, similar to the one for minerals, verifies the characteristics of each diamond, including its color grade, carat weight, clarity grade, and cut grade.
Diamond Certified Seal
The American Gem Society (AGS), the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), and the International Gemological Institute are the most renowned grading laboratories that issue this sort of certificate (IGI).

Having such a certificate allows you to compare diamonds of the same grade and make an informed decision.
Lab vs Mined Diamond

Lab vs Mined

As previously stated, diamonds created in a laboratory and mineral diamonds differ in their formation. That means that lab-grown diamonds have the same physical and chemical properties as natural diamonds.

They are created in the same temperature and pressure conditions as diamonds, but in a laboratory.

However, if you still desire a unique gem that comes from the depths of the earth, mineral diamonds can be what you’re looking for.

Benefits of Lab Grown

The difference in the creation can be seen as an advantage over minerals because this way, there is no need to take diamonds from nature. That makes them a modern luxury, ethical, and spectacular eco-friendly alternative to mined diamonds.


Different cuts of lab-grown diamonds

The shape of the diamond is important since it directly ties to the style of the piece of jewelry. Diamonds can be cut in a range of stunning shapes, each emitting its radiance in its own distinct way – check them out below.

Lab-grown diamonds in, Georgia

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