Know Before You Buy: The Essential Guide To Luxury Watches

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Know Before You Buy: The Essential Guide To Luxury Watches

Luxury watches are the ultimate accessories for men. But with so many renowned watchmakers and different timepiece styles to choose from, we know that finding the best luxury watch for you might be a little overwhelming. Don’t worry, though!

Whether you’re looking to invest in your first timepiece or you’re adding to your ever-growing collection,
here is everything you need to know about luxury watches to make an informed decision. 
Luxury Watch

What makes a watch a luxury watch

While every timepiece is unique, there’s one thing that every luxury watch has in common: they’re all handmade by expert watchmakers using the highest-quality materials.

Most luxury watches also tend to have complex movements and lots of unique features, such as tourbillons, chronographs, moon phase complications, perpetual calendars, and tachymeters.

Luxury watch movements: quartz vs mechanical

Mechanical Watch

The essence of every watch comes from its movements, so understanding the difference between quartz and mechanical movements is crucial for you to be able to choose the right watch for you.

Essentially, mechanical watches rely on a series of wheels, gears, springs, and other mechanisms to keep time, which makes these watches’ timekeeping process solely mechanical, as their name suggests.
Quartz Watch

As for quartz watches, they substitute those intricate cogs and gears for small quartz crystals. The way these watches work is that the crystal vibrates as you move your wrist, which generates the spring movement, making it a more natural form of timekeeping.

Both mechanical and quartz watches are incredibly accurate, and each type of movement has pros and cons that vary depending on what you’re looking for in a timepiece, so your choice really comes down to personal preference.


Luxury watch types

There are several luxury watchmakers in the market, and they create countless models every year, making your
options virtually endless. So, to make your decision easier, a good way for you to narrowdown your options is to first
decide what type of watch you’d like to get. Let’s take a close look at some of the most popular watch types. 

Dress Watch

Dress watches

Dress watches tend to be time-only models, which means that they don’t typically have any additional features. These timepieces boast either leather or metal straps, and their cases can be made of stainless steel or precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum. Their sleek design and minimalist style make dress watches effortlessly elegant.
Diver Watch

Diver watches

These iconic watches have been associated with James Bond for the past 60 years. Some of these watches’ defining features include their metal case and band, high water resistance ratings, and their unidirectional bezel. Diver watches are perfect for everyday wear and they will leave you looking elegant on every occasion.
Pilot’s Watch

Pilot’s watches

Though their designs vary widely, every pilot’s watch features a chronograph and an easy-to-read dial, which is usually oversized and features legible numbers and luminous hands. Some pilot’s watches also include handy GMT complications to track multiple time zones around the world. These elegant watches are perfect for everyday wear and business casual looks, which is why they’re such a staple to have in your collection.
Racing Watch

Racing watches

Race cars and high-precision luxury watches have always walked hand-in-hand, which is why the two defining features of racing watches are chronographs and tachymeters. Most racing watches display a large dial featuring bright, clear Arabic numerals, for easy reading. Thanks to their bold design, racing watches always make quite a statement.
Field Watch

Field Watches

Unlike other utility watches, these minimalist military watches tend to be time-only models that have little to no additional complications. Most field watches are made of stainless steel or titanium, and feature an easy-to-read dial. Thanks to their iconic style and timeless design, field watches are incredibly versatile, making them perfect to wear both as an everyday watch and as a handy tool to have on an adventure.

Where to buy luxury watches in Johns Creek, GA?

Now that you’re basically an expert on luxury watches, it’s time to find the perfect watch for you! At Simon D Jewelers, you’ll find a curated selection of luxury watches by the best brands in the world.

Whether you’re after a luxury Oris timepiece, elegant Tissot dress watch, a stylish Citizen diver watch, an eye-catching Bulova timepiece, or a sporty G-Shock, you’ll find the perfect luxury watch for you at Simon D Jewelers.

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